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A resource represents something that can be scheduled (a developer on a task or a work center on a production order). This module manages a calendar associated with each of the resources. It also manages the timesheets for each resource.

Demo: ab1consult.com/demo

login and password: demo

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This is the first Odoo module ported to Dolibarr. A ported module is an exact replica of the original module with just the modifications necessary for it to run on the goal environment. The resource module has been ported from version 12 of Odoo.

Module version: 3.1.x

Publisher/License: Abbes Bahfir / AGPL

Interface language: French, English, Spanish.

Support: contact@ab1consult.com


Dolibarr min version: 3.1.x

Dolibarr max version: 11.x

Installation (From Dolibarr v9+)

Go to the menu Home - Configuration - Modules - Deploy an external module and submit the zip

The module or theme is then available and can be activated.

Installation (For Dolibarr v8-):

Download the module archive file (.zip) from the ab1consult.fr website

Place the file in the dolibarr root directory.

Unzip the zip file, for example with the command unzip module_odoresource-1.0.zip

The module or theme is then available and can be activated.

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